Get traffic to your website

In this article we are going to describe, step-by-step, how to get traffic to your website using the free traffic exchange platform FeelingSurf.

Create your account

Creating your account only takes one minute and is free. Simply go to  and fill the form.

Once your account is created, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

Add your website

In order to receive traffic, you should add your website. To do so, click on the “Add a website” link. You will be asked to enter the address of the site and a name that describes it.

After clicking on “Save changes” you should see your website in the list as shown below.

Good job, your website is is now added in the system. Now let’s see how to get hits to it.

Enable hits and earn credits

FeelingSurf uses a simple credit system to exchange traffic among its users. Each user has a credit balance, receiving 1 hit costs 1 credits. It means, to receive hits you will need credits. You can either earn or buy credits. In this article we cover how to earn credits.

To start earning credits, click on the “Earn credits” link. It will take you to the following page:

This page is the core of the traffic exchange system. It allows you to download the traffic exchange app FeelingSurfViewer. To do so, click on “Download FeelingSurfViewer”.

After making sure the pre-selected operating system is correct, you can click on “Download” to get the app. Once the file is downloaded, open it. The app is portable, it is a simple archive and does not contain an installer. Click on the FeelingSurfViewer executable to run it. You should see the following screen:

To connect the app with your account, FeelingSurf uses a secret token that you will find on the same page where you downloaded the app. Click on the “Access token” button. You can now see and copy your access token. Make sure it remains secret and never share it.

After you have clicked on the “Copy” button, go back to FeelingSurfViewer and paste the token into the Access token field. Finally, click on “Save”. The app should now be running:

As long as you leave the app open, you will earn credits. After you earn 50 credits FeelingSurf will automatically enable hits on your account and you will start to get hits onto your websites. You can see it by going to the “Your websites” page and look at the “Hits” column:

You can click on the hits number to see a chart of how many hits were delivered each day of the previous week.

Congratulations you have successfully managed to get traffic to your website using FeelingSurf!