Get mobile visitors using traffic exchange

Mobile device website traffic has recently surpassed desktop traffic on the global Internet. According to this study, 54.8% of global website traffic is from mobile devices.

Previously, FeelingSurf allowed Premium users to select among three devices when it comes to receiving traffic:

  • Desktop computers or laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets

When a visit was made onto a website we would pick a random device among the ones configured and use it to make the visit.

Current device selection
Current device selection feature.

Starting from today, we are improving this feature by allowing you to select a percentage of devices to use.

New device selection feature.

You can now choose precisely which type of devices should be used for the hits you receive and therefore you can control precisely what kind of traffic you want to receive.

Google Analytics reports 50% desktop and 50% mobile devices.

You will find these changes directly in your Premium FeelingSurf account. Don’t have an account yet, join our traffic exchange today and get 100 free hits.