Various traffic sources

Get visitors from any traffic source

When a visitor comes to your website, it is interesting to know where it is coming from. In the most common situation a user has clicked a link and was redirected to your website. This website identifies as a traffic source.

In this article we cover how one can use FeelingSurf Premium to send traffic to a website with any desired traffic source.


  • Traffic source customisation is a feature included in our paid pricing tier. Make sure to upgrade your account before proceeding.
  • You will need to have at least one website added in your account so that we can use it to send traffic with a custom traffic source.

Add a custom traffic source

From your websites list, locate and click the “Manage” > “Your traffic sources” button.

Manage traffic sources button
Click this button.

You will now see a list of your traffic sources. The list is empty by default.

Your custom traffic sources.

Let’s add a traffic source. Click on “Add a traffic source”.

Add a traffic source
Adding a traffic source.

You just need to provide the address and the name of your traffic source and click on “Save changes”.

Congratulations you have added your traffic source into FeelingSurf! Now let’s see how to enable it for the traffic sent to your website.

Configure your website to use your traffic source

Go back to your websites list by clicking “Your websites” link in the left menu. Then, locate the website you want to attach to your trafic source and click on “Direct hits” under the “Traffic sources” column.

Edit website traffic source
Edit website traffic sources.

A new window will open offering you to select one or multiple traffic sources. You will find your custom traffic sources in the list under the line “Your traffic sources”. Simply select your traffic source by clicking it.

Selecting your traffic source from the list
Enabling traffic from your custom traffic source.

You can disable direct hits to your website by clicking on the cross as show below.

Disabling direct hits
Disabling direct hits.

You may close the popup window and notice that your website now uses your traffic source as show below.

Traffic source for the website is updated
Traffic source of the website is correctly updated.

Congratulations you have now set up your website to receive traffic only from the website you set as your traffic source!

Be aware that you can add up to 100 traffic sources in your account. Among these traffic sources, you may enable up to 10 of them per website. If more than one traffic source is enabled for a website, one among them will be randomly selected at each visit.

Final notes

We have seen how you can send traffic to any of your websites with the traffic sources of your choice.

Now it’s up to you to take advantage of this powerful feature. Add your own traffic sources in your account and let the traffic come!